Power Acoustic BAMF 5500/1 D

got another one of these amps..

There were 2 outputs blown so i removed them and tested the rest of them they all tested fine..

I replaced the 2 outputs so i could further test the amp before i replace all the outputs with new..

All the drivers tst fine as well but with the audio driverboard in the amp it will draw excessive current.. if i remove it and power up the amp it idles fine..

Does anyone know what drivers may be suspect on this board?


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Did some more trouble shooting on this amp..

If I have power,ground,remote hooked up the amp will power up and idle fine ..

As soon as I try to plug in the Rca's the amp will draw excessive current ..

I checked the shield ground for voltage but it was at 0.00

Anyone have any ideas why this amp draws excessive current as soon as I plug the Rca's in ?