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Pot. and Circuits for Sale

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Pot. and A-75 circuits for sale

Hi everybody,

Just doing some early spring cleaning. I have a couple of items that maybe of interest to persons on this forum/site.

I have the input/driver board for the A75 amp and it is fully populated. Mosfets are matched. All resisotrs are metal-film 1% tol.. I also installed Holco resistors in some critical parts of the circuit. It has never been connected to a power supply.
I also have the power supply board and it is almost fully populated, it just needs the thermistor and TZ1. The power supply has the heat sinks in place, but the input/driver board doesn't.

Reason I never used these is I became interested in other designs.

I also have a used 250K Alps Pot. It is very nice. It is dented and sealed. It is fairly large and has Japanese markings. I pulled it from a very heavy-duty american made receiver that was made for retailer, JCPennies. Interesting isn't it?? Anyway, it is possible to open the box of the pot. It is held together by screws.

I have never come across a preamp I was interested in that called for 250k pot, but that doesn't mean you can't use it!!

If anyone is interested in any of these items, make an offer by email.

Note: The A75 boards are a set and will be sold as a set.




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