posting pics, how??

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Sorry, I know this has been asked time and time again on this and many other forums but how exactly do you post pics?

Am i right in thinking that you need a host or something to put your pics on first?
If that is the case could someone recomend a free one please?

Thank you
I have also asked this question a couple of times before but still not successful in uploading pictures (or anything) from my computer HARD DRIVE. I have followed this web site direction but no luck so far. Could it be my computer is too old or it won't work with Window 98?
Hello HBarske, I think that is the quickest reply Ive ever had, thank you:cool:


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Hello fcel,

It worked for me (assuming everyone else can see a pic of Patouche II)

All i had to do was click on the Browse button in the Attach file bit under where you would type up a post and select a pic from your hard drive. I use Win 98 as well.
fcel said:
It works without preview! Thanks. Let me try my home computer later. Ignore this picture. I think I'm going to delete it later.

I am not sure the preview function works. I tried it on the first
posting I made on this forum, and I lost the whole text (no
pictures involved at all). maybe I did something wrong, but I
have avoided previewing since.
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I also experience problems attaching a file (*.gif,*.jpg)
This used to work for me before.
Could the problem be one of the following or a combination of it:

-I had my firewall soft updated.

-Microsoft released a series of security updates recently which I have installed.
(Which makes them look as if they had released the equivalent of that well known swiss cheese in the first place.)

FWIW my machine run Win2000 workstation and server SP3 +all the applicable pre SP4 service packs.

Anyone having a clue?

Thankyou for telling me how to post pics HBarske:D

Now i wonder if someone can help me with posting schematics, not as files to d/l but as a pic.

I have a schematic of tortellos headphone amp thats on a pdf. file and i would like to post it so everyone can see it.

Is there a way of converting the pdf in to a jpeg or something before i post it?

Thank you:)
I can't help you there but have you ask Jason (the owner of this site)? I have mentioned my problem to Jason before and I SUSPECT he did something to this website that probably "fix" my problem and I was able to post my first picture yesterday.
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