Post your Solid State pics here

One of my preamps (top)


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Cal Weldon said:
Feel free to use this thread to post your DIY efforts.
PMA said:
One of my preamps (top)

thanks Cal Weldon
:cool: PMA always have some interesting stuff!
Even if sometimes, I would do circuitry in another way = my way

Taste is different
;) Some like to drink beer .. other sip their wine .. or get drunk on Whiskey instead
;) Some listen to tubes, others take on MOSFETS, while the most common output devices STILL Are those faithful old BIPOLARS
Taste is personal

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My current setup. The high-WAF silvery eyecandy on the left are my DIY efforts. Although I tend to think of myself as a tube guy, the truth is I'm game for anything and everything good. Below the censored tube porn is my latest concept - hybrid error correction amplifier endearingly called Academia (still in the beta-test phase but successful thus far).


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moamps said:
My current setup.

..... my latest concept - hybrid error correction amplifier
endearingly called Academia
(still in the beta-test phase but successful thus far).


:) Nice work, Milan
Academia PCB mounted:


:cool: Everybody!
Make a visit to moamps wonderful website!
He has got many amplifiers images. Solid State Amps & Tubes Amps.
You will like it ... for sure :cool:

INSIDE CASE Top View - of his Academia Amplifier

lineup :) has got several good internet friends from Croatia


The major part of the text, figures and measurements was
first published in 2003 on,
in the thread "Tube with Power IC Output Stage-JLTi".

This project was inspired by Mr. Joe Rasmussen's JLTi Tube Hybrid Amplifier

.... and I wouldn't be very surprised ;)
if it turned out that me lineup has got something to do with
Tube with Power IC Output Stage-JLTi - topic
Replies: 895 ..... Views: 126733 !!!!!!
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Thanks lineup for the unexpected advertisement!

Yeah, that JLTi thread was a success. The good old times, eh? I collected all my schematics, measurements and posts from there and made them into a cute little story. Four years gone and that tube-buffered inverted gainclone still works nicely. Nothing like Academia, of course, but pleasant-sounding nevertheless (plus it's newbie-friendly unlike Academia).

That's a nice robust case you've got there, Bonsai!


P.S. Just in case anyone was wondering, no, the MOX on my site is not that old stuff from 2004. Only a rolling stone gathers no moss. ;)
Hi Pavel!

If you take a closer look at my website, you'll see that I usually do use silk screen double-sided PCBs.

However, my Academia is still a prototype and I prefer to design, draw and etch all my prototype boards myself. One of the reasons is that I actually enjoy designing, drawing and etching my own boards, winding my own transformers, building my own cases, tweaking capacitors and pulling all sorts of crazy stunts like that in the line of DIY duty. :) Also, I truly enjoy experimenting with different concepts and take "the roads less traveled" so it is sometimes hard to tell in advance if a concoction of mine will ultimately make for a pleasurable listening experience. Therefore, I keep myself from spending too much money on expensive parts and/or professionally made PCBs until I'm positive that the prototype works well, as in the case of Academia.

Of course, it is a whole other story when it comes to my professional audio designs. ;)

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Lineup most Advanced HiFi Headphone Amplifier


Lineup most Advanced HiFi Headphone Amplifier

This headphone amplifier was built like 10 years ago.
Circuit, layout and everything is my very own idea & design.

As you can see,
:cool: I use direct solder HARDWIRE technique, as much as I can. :cool:
This is the theoretically superior method.
Not always easy and practical.
But good!

As well known:
There is no better quality electrical insulator, than AIR.
Not even some fancy plastic or epoxi variants Dupont or PFTEX Extra AudioPhile PCB boards!

Audio people may not know this, as often as Radio Amateurs do.
What is best quality Variable capacitors?
The Radio Amateur will tell you:
AIR Insulated variable capacitor.
This is The only option for a high performance.

He will not tell you using some plastic insulation cap.

Like PTFE or Polyproylene


:cool: Notice also my own custom HEATSINKS for output TO-126
Nice, isn't it?
These are BD139 / BD140 push-pull TRUE CLASS A followers.

:cool: Lineup Home Audio Amplifier Designs :cool:
/lineup - chief director of production line


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