Possibly most ridiculous full range enclosure design

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Hi, please take it easy on me, I've been reading about speaker design for about a week as part of a larger project, and have a design I'd like to run by some knowledgeable people.

This all started when I began designing a video game machine. Basically you build a cabinet up out of MDF, throw a computer running emulation software inside, hook it to some controls, and you're off and running. Well, as part of the cabinet I of course need some audio components. I had read some raving reviews of the "T-Amp" a while ago, and so I figured I'd order one of those since they were only $19. While I was reading up on the T-Amp, I saw a lot of stuff on building your own enclosures, and since I was already building this big thing out of MDF, I thought it might be just as easy to incorporate that in. So a week later I've drawn up a cabinet layout that includes two bass reflex enclosures for a pair of FE167Es. Here are two views of the cabinet design:
Top View
Bottom View (Vents Face Rearward)

Will it be a problem to have the front/back of both made from the same piece of MDF? I can seperate them without too much trouble if necessary.

Secondly, my design is based around my very uninformed useage of WinISD. The reference 15 liter bass reflex design on Fostex's site seemed to lack some bass responce, so by increasing the volume (44 L) / port (51.5 hz) I was able to extend about another 25hz down to around 50hz at -3db. However, now my gain graph is not smooth like the reference design, AND I have a big spike on the group delay. You can view all the WinISD graphs here . The Green is my design, the blue is the reference fostex. I'd like more bass but I don't want it to be too boomy or "one note bass", is anything I've done going to cause that? Is extending the bass range at the expense of a smooth gain curve a mistake?

I know you will probably say this is stupid for a game cabinet, but since there will be a PC inside I can also use it as a jukebox, so I thought it might be cool to include this. Any suggestions would be a great help!




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Just a thought, but with the usage of this being mostly for gaming where one will probably want bass, I'd still with the 15L cabs and put a small sub/plate amp in the extra space you'll have. I'd think it would be quite easy to put it in the bottom somewhere.

Sounds like a fun project, best of luck.
A t amp with a pair of full range drivers will work but you might want to consider a quality coaxial speaker. You would need to build crossovers for it but most coax's have premade crossover plans and enclosure dimentions. I would also recomend a sub an an amp. The final enclosure will be pretty heavy but adding a sub to the bottom will make a large difference in how it sounds.
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