possible to turn a whole into 2 equal parts and sound good?

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Meaning can a bi-pole speaker having an equal number of parts front and back essentially be split apart and housed into two individual smaller cabinets made to half the size of the original bipole speaker? Two crossover networks reside in the box. Naturally one of each would go to its new home. Is it that easy or do both networks have to work together and wash this plan out of existence? I have 2 90's magnesium vifa's and 2 aluminum domes, and what I think might be identical crossover nets. Reason I say might I have not pulled anything apart. And may not if theres a chance they differ and will not work separately.

Nevermind this the answer came to me a few moments later.
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Having built several bipolar speakers yes you can do what you suggest. You do need to feed the two speakers with the same signal (in-phase).

A bipolar speaker radiates equal signal levels into the front and rear hemispheres around the speaker so you don't have to worry about baffle step.

Baffle step occurs from a monopolar speaker radiates sound so that it extends from 360 degrees radiation around the box to radiation essentially from the front baffle (180 degrees).
Thanks thats reassuring. What ajustments if any would have to be made to the crossover/s to make up for decreased box volume. I have a way of thinking it might not be nessecary since 2 similar systems are working together in the larger one using up double cm. Splitting them just sepeates the existing volume, so business as usual. Or not?

. Im not even sure how to ask this question but I gave it a shot.
Business as usual. With two woofers arranged symmetrically in a box there would be no difference on the inside if you put a divider between them.

Thanks for confirming that.

20 years later and these vifa P17WJ-00 are still available Vifa P17WJ-00-08 Woofer

I'm having trouble deciding weather to make open or closed cabinets, according to specs they will suit both.


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That's a popular unit. I used to use the smaller p13.

Going open back might be something to be tried, it's certainly been done. I suppose technically you'd be looking at dipole or cardioid-ish, something I probably wouldn't do randomly.
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Not if it's a Danley Synergy (because the sum is greater than its parts)
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I anticipated 2 crossover networks per speaker as thats what I read they had. Each shares one 4th order.

Well braced tall TL cabs that employ 1" baffles. I wired the woofs directly to a DSP/power amp cutting them off low for kicks. They tie in and actually sound very good and produce nice level sounding bass. It will give a couple commercial made subs I've owned a good run for there money.

I'm not a big fan of bipoles for 2 channel listening so Im turning them into a 2.1 sub sat.
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