ported box tune for hip-hop,rap,r&b,dj music


2010-10-07 8:03 am
Generally 35Hz is a good number. Going as low as 30Hz would get deeper but would not be as loud in the same size enclosure.

Do you have box building software like WinISD?

thanks m4ick

I am less experience designer. i have a bass box 6pro, actually i build this application for road promotion car, so i need loud and deeper bass. i thinks DJ. R&B hip-hop that kind of music contain more bass, could u pls let me know what is the most suitable FB value for louder and deeper bass will play above music
Thanks a lot
35Hz is an all around deep and loud tuning for most subs. Tuning higher sounds more hollow and tuning lower makes it quieter.

MTX recommends 2.5ft @ 32Hz which should sound great but I like to tune a little higher for a little more SPL. Tuning lower than 35Hz usually doesn't add enough usable low bass because, for example, most music won't benefit from a 25Hz box. Maybe if you were using bass test tracks designed to get extremely low.