Portable Folded Horn

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I have plans to build a mini folded horn to take to the park and for other beer related occasions outside.

It will look like this in the end, but in hardwood.
Cerwin Vega 18" Folded Horn Junior Earthquake Bass System Subwoofer (Painted) Gallin's Musician's Pro Shop

I am good working with wood but lack a technological knowledge, so please forgive me if my query sounds infantile. (and yes, I have done plenty of Googling about this)

I am planning on using -

2 x HiVi B1S 1" Shielded Aluminium Mid/Tweeter
HiVi B1S 1" Shielded Aluminum Mid/Tweeter 297-411

1 x HiVi B3S 3" Shielded Aluminium Driver
HiVi B3S 3" Shielded Aluminum Driver Square Frame 297-427

Now, can I somehow connect these speakers to this amp?

T-Amp Tripath TA2024 2x15W Audio Digital Amplifier Board 320-600

OR preferably, this one?

Lepai LP-2020A+ Tripath Class-T Hi-Fi Audio Mini Amp w/o pow 310-301

Or do I have to construct some sort of 'speaker level connection' in order to use the 3" as the bass driver?

I can't simply use 2 x 3" inch speakers as then the design will be too bulky to be portable.

I can solder, but have burnt out some motherboards in the past, I would prefer to avoid the hassle and buy a pre-assembled amp.

I can work out the power requirements afterwards, not a problem.

I would really appreciate a kick in the right direction!

I think it might be helpful to have some precision on what you define as "portable" in the form of some dimensions and/or weight figures. There may already be projects worked-out that fit your bill. I don't really see a way to make anything like that folded CV horn, as horns do not scale with driver size. How loud do you need this thing to be and what kind of low-frequency performance do you expect? The drivers you mentions are not likely to do any kind of bass or get much loud in an outside setting.

Hi IG,

Portable is something I can carry on the back of a bike. Max 5-6kilos. Dimensions roughly like (HxWxD) 30x20x20 cm.

I read that horns don't exactly scale with driver size. I like the horn as it protects all the working components. Is a horn at this size potentially going to give horrible sound? I figured it would be more interesting than a square box, also as a stepping stone to building a proper horn.

It does not need to be that loud, I currently have a 4" plus 2 x 2" system as computer speakers and they certainly pump out more volume than I will ever need for this project. I don't want to start a rave with this thing!

Low freq. expectations? Mids are fine.
How loud? roughly 70db within a 3 metre range or so.
If you can imagine music enough for 8or10 people to sit around and enjoy.

Any tips on a suitable amp would be great!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.