Port/Stand idea...


2001-07-30 1:35 am
has anyone evr used a large diameter port (~4"-5") as an integrated stand? for my application, the lengths of a 4"-5" port are about that of optimal stands (~30"-50"). I imagine a speaker box on a round stand that has a port opening, which would be made out of PVC. Also, would this have any substantial drawbacks that i'm not thinking of? thank you for any comments!
I have made a speaker usind 6" PVC and it was a real hollow boomy bass and there was a big problem with trying to stuff it. I know this isn't a real answer to your question since I was working on a TL made out of the pipe not using it as a port/stand. Just don't be surprised if you get the same reaction. And since it is a port you aren't looking to stuff it with acoustistuff.


2002-01-19 9:25 am
Hi Yoda,

It seems to me that the port exit would be a problem. If you used the port (PVC pipe) as a stand, the exit of the port would be facing downward into some sort of pedestal, obstructing its output. You could possibly put a 90 degree bend in the pipe, but that might compromise the tuning. I think it's back to the drawing board.

Have Fun,
Rodd Yamashita
Rodd.....I built a base using MDF with holes routed out that the PVC would slide down in with the bottom layer's hole being slightly smaller so the pipe would not go through, then used the circles for feet to get it up off the floor. Solved that problem but there is still the fact that an unstuffed pipe sounds just like what it is. Yoda, take a look at transmission lines or tuned quarter wave Voight Pipes. You can keep a small footprint, get the drivers to ear level and get the proper bass responce. The Voights are rather simple to build and have an unusual look. Here is a pic of one using a full range high efficiancy driver for a SET amp.


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