Poor's man silk soft dome liquid impregnation


2019-01-16 12:22 am

what to do for "recoating" a dome you can't source anymore

I'm looking for a cheap solution for impregnating a non coated silk style soft dome. Cheap if I dare... poor's man coating for tweeter for 12k-20k breaks up:scratch2:

I think about Polyisobutylène liquid for a dome bath which maybe stay sticky without drying or aqua solvant acrylic coating a la Audax they used to on domes and cones, but have no idea if it's a good choice, if one can find it at low price for few units, and if it is light & liquid enough for a tweeter dome bath?:confused:
Or maybe already made hifi products if good enough , I looked at Vinylflex or Stabilon, but not sure on how it works for dome tweeter?

I alo read from an old thread some use butylon solvant and mouses trap glue but I'm not confortable with the idea! Maybe butyl adhesive tape disolved with a solvant that dry and keep the stick damping property ?

Thank you if any idea comes in mind.
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