Polymer vs. electrolytic caps in phono pre


2017-01-02 1:58 am
Looking to change out cheap electrolytics in an ART DJ Pre II phono preamp and wondering if there are opinions on whether switching to polymers or just using better electrolytics would be best choice.

I like the sound of the budget ART and willing to experiment with a cap change to see if it can elevate the already decent performance. Whether or not this is a wise thing to spend a similar amount on caps as the whole unit costs is not really for debate.

I have only come across one user who switched out some of the cheap electrolytics with some Panasonic OS-CON polymers and commented "sounds really good now".

A very knowledgeable hobbyist has suggested the polymers in such a circuit might sound cold and dry so seeking more opinions on whether this might be the case.

In the end, I realize the only way to find out is to do the swap but before I commit I would appreciate any expert opinions on polymer vs. electrolytic choice.
Threads like this always mystify me. How can an opinion based on someone else's ears, system and music preference be of any use? It is useful to know that caps make a difference but to ask others to make a crucial decision on your behalf?

I am also not a huge fan of Oscons, especially not in analogue circuits, but many listeners apparently are. Bakoon, being one of the most talked about amps in recent times is chock full of Oscons...