Poly acrylic glue?

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I got some of this glue from decware to refoam some speakers and I have been trying to find it as a retail product.
It has some very nice properties like it sets clear in an hour or so,, it fills gaps, and is slightly flexible plus it cleans off with water.Appearance is exactly like wood glue but for the properties above.
Where can I get this?What is the product name?

It sounds like wood glue ? at least PVA, poly vinyl acetate.
Acrylic is poly methlyl methacrylate and it not water soluble.
Indoor PVA wood glue is water soluble, outdoor not.

Since the advent of glue-sniffing water soluble glues have proliferated.
I'd guess that its PVA based and probably sold in another form as
a "water soluble glue", though which one is impossible to ascertain.

Parts express seems to have this although it does not really describe it.Seems a bit expensive for the quantity offered.
Definitely it is not wood glue that I am after.Although it looks and smells similar.This polyacrylic glue sets thick -does not shrink-while pva dries up and thins out so it is no good where you have some small gaps.
Decware specifically describe it as poly acrylic.

Maybe it is a variation of PVA?
Any seller of a product is required by law to supply you an Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) at your request. The MSDS will supply information as to the manufacturer any health and safety issues and will normally supply you the chemical composition unless its a trade secret, then it will be listed as PROPRIETARY.

The key ingredient is finding the manufacturer. But what happens so often is that for this particular adhesive may be part of another process used by another company. In other words Joe Bob's Chemical company may be supplying this poly acrylic compound to Elmers who buys a bugillion barrels a year. Elmers then uses it in something they sell under a completely different product name and composition. Joe Bob also sells a couple hundred gallons of off spec to Bubba's Adhesives who then remixes it and sends it to Larry's bottling company who puts it in tiny little bottles and sells it to PE. If none of the chemicals along the way are deemed hazardous, then Larry puts in the MSDS "No hazardous ingredients known to company" or he'll slip in the PROPRIETARY clause, with a no hazardous ingredients statement, so your back at square one.

But the only way you'll know is to first get the MSDS.

I thought about the same thing when I reconed some speakers, but since the bottle had no warnings or real labeling, I figured it would be kind of tough to find out what it realy was.
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