Polk sda-crs+ tweeter better than sl2000 , rdo-194, rdo-198

So I have these Polk sda-crs+ speakers.
I like the huge mid-range in them. But tweeter is too harsh.
On polk audio forums the Polk tribe is mostly pro Polk tweeters and there isn't much options discussed.
Rdo-194 tweeter was supposed to get rid of the nasty 12-13khz peak of sl-2000. I haven't noticed major improvement. Rdo-194 imo are still too harsh even at moderate volumes. Ears are bleeding and ringing. To make things Worse I have a small room. Reflections make things worse.

I replaced capacitors with film caps..looking for cross over diagrams at the moment. I found specs of various tweeters. See attached image.

Looking for a direct replacement tweeter that will sound softer and flatter. By direct replacement i mean electrically good match. So it's does not blow or play too quiet compare to woofers. I can drill and do all necessary mods to fit new tweeter physically.

I liked vienna acoustics Beethoven tweeters which I believe are seas tweeters. Viennas are nice but too soft, laid back, lack mid-range for my tastes.

Here are some tweeters I found. Not very literate to read and comprehend specs) let me know if there will be an issue. I am pretty sure Polk audio cross over is set at 2000hz

Would prefer tweeters without ferrofluid under around 60$ per tweeter.
I appreciate

SEAS Prestige 27TFFC (H0881) Textile Dome Tweeter
Audax TW025A1-12X9 1" Textile Dome Tweeter with Ferrofluid

SB Acoustics SB26STAC-C000-4 1" Textile Dome Tweeter



SB Acoustics SB26STCN-C000-4 tweeter, 4 ohms


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