Polarizers? Oh no...

Well, there is no going back, I've torn apart my old Fujitsu notebook for an "innovative" LCD projector. I've decided to basically remove the LCD from the casing, and keep it attached to the mainboard section of the notebook by unravelling a quite long DVI? ribbon. It's got an Active Matrix screen, so I don't expect much quality wise, but it's a decent 800x600. I've also got an overhead projector with me which I plan to use to project the image. I've got a small problem, when I took apart the thing, I hastily lost the order of the polarizing sheets behind the screen. I've tried it without these additional (required?) sheets, and get a very pale negative looking image. If I tilt the screen to around 45 degrees to the surface of the projector, I can see an image, but still negative. It's a Sharp LCD if that helps... anyone have any ideas?

Big G
hmm... seemed to have figured it out... they're not really polarizers, but thin lenses... unfortunately, if I use them the light intensity is dropped significantly. They do improve image quality though. The projector I'm using is an old-school model that isn't very bright, and does not have consistent light focus, that is, the light is the most intense in the center. I'm getting an image at last without the lenses and without any lights on, and a good screen, but still it lacks a lot of intensity. Wonder if I should go this route or look into the possibility of a standalone contraption (ie all-in-one, not overhead projector). Would probably work out well since the LCD is 12.1" and 800x600. Any thoughts?