Plinth plans for Technics SP12

Hi all
I have this turntable. There is a very little info available. The SP 12 was Japan specific model and produced in very limited quantities. I am looking to build a plinth for the TT. It would be good if someone here help me finding a plinth plan for the TT.
Here are few pics of my TT


and a video

They are old pics. i am currently using Elac 750 MK3 and a Lenco L75. SP 12 is still in the box. When I got it it was not spinning, so I have replaced all electrolyte caps and a dead transistors. The video was taken at testing stage in a temporary set u. The tonearm is supported by a foam and couple of books underneath, and cable tie in headshell.
Here are some internal pics.









I think I see mounting points for the screws. You could mount it to a wooden slab with the screws and mounts you have, and then build a wooden cover as a second piece with cutouts for the platter and the controls. I have no experience in this area, but seems to be the way to go.
I made this for a Thorens to replace a TD160 plinth base. It works vg compared to the flimsy original. Something similar could be done for the Technics except to set the TT on top unfixed. If a more typical plinth and base can't be made as a better option due to the non usual design and shape. A firm solid mounted bottom base would be better if it can be done. If not the second option still does a decent job to isolate outside vibrations.

I would likely grind off the original footers, and use or at least investigate something like this to be used where the two bottoms make contact Shopping&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=25280&ppc_keyword=&gad=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwm4ukBhAuEiwA0zQxk3kurxESKq6TBJ0pds3wrkX0S2qnGGFZ6ZXmDM_TEYVoFfL5LrZyvhoCI2UQAvD_BwE


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I think second option could be as effective. I can't tell with the bottom attached but holes can probably be drilled in to the bottom. Then fix metal screw clips on the inner side. To keep them firmly fixed in the right places bond them with a type of two part epoxy. Then simply screw the new base in place as needed.


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