Please recommend a design with Morel drivers

Thanks a lot.

Maybe I should give some more details. I'm interested in a two-way design, prefferably of bookshelf size.
After a lot of googling I've come to the conclusion that the MW, F and H series of woofers look interresting. Since I'm interrested in a small bookshelf I'd go with a 6.5'' woofer, but not necessarily.
Now the question is: which one of these drivers should I choose? The prices for those I'm interrested in are around 90-100$, the Fs is in the 40-44Hz range, most have 75 mm voice coils...

F series have DPC cones, ferrite magnets, H have DPC cones and hybrid magnets systems, MW have DCP or paper cones and double magnet systems (MW 167 having neodymium magnet but it is also more expensive)...

So, the question is: should I go with the cheaper DPC cone drivers from the MW series, or should I choose between MW 167 which has a neodymium magnet and one from the hybrid series (case in which I could have a lower Fs)? Neodymium vs hybrid (ferrite + neodymium) and lower Fs?

The tweeter is a story for another time :)