Please, HELP with Thule Audio DVD250B

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Dear friends ,
i have Thule Audio Space DVD250B with Digit II DAC on the board. After some power shock the player stoped to work and I opened it. Inside is some cheap PHILIPS DVD loader , front panel mother board and teh DAC , the DAC is OK , I tested on some other player. Power supply is OK too. Does anyone knows how to find spare parts for this player even from PHILIPS , the company THULE AUDIO not exist anymore so there is a big problem.
Or if someone has circuit or DIGIT II to explain me how to connect to other player ?

Thank you in advance.
As I know, this player was equipped with dvd loader from various brands and with various models (e. g. daisylaser and DVS, Korea).
For maintenance it is very important to know all, what is to read on the sticker from the loader.
Next step it is to find out an appropriate ordinary and cheap model from the mass marked with the same loader in use.
Then it is possible to order the service manual from this dvd player model.
If your device use the DSL-710A, call Primare in Denmark for parts and maintenance.

Here some URL's:
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Thule Audio Space DVD250 / DVD250B (product description from Anders Thule's death homepage):

We have set our self as goal that we wanted to make a unique player, that matches perfectly with our other products, especially the Space PR/PA series - both in design and user interface. We have designed a new tray cover in a beautifull elipsoid shape and also a completely new way to mount the 6 buttons on the front panel. The buttons are mounted from the back of the front, and are machined with a collar that always keeps it in place and ensures that the button can travel freely.

The Space DVD250B is the first DVD player in the world with true high-end balanced analogue output at an affordable price. We have carefully selected all components for the highest possible performance.

We are going to introduce two versions from the beginning.

DVD250: Without any internal D/A converters to match our processor.

DVD250B: With both balanced and unbalanced analogue stereo output.

The DVD drive has excellent playability performances due to its unique Error Correction System (ErCoS) and to its dual laser system which allows to play back many different CD formats with maximum efficiency.

Please find below some of the features of this player.

1. Reads CD, CD-R*, CD-RW*, DVD and navigation on non-finalised CD-R and CD-RW discs.

2. Video output, 4 pcs.: Composite (coax), S-VHS, and seperate RGB (coax) and Component (coax).

3. DVD250 audio output, 3 pcs: 2 Coax 75 Ohm and one optical for PCM, DD, DD EX, DTS and DTS ES.

4. DVD250B audio output, 5 pcs: 2 Coax 75 Ohm and one optical for PCM, DD, DD EX, DTS and DTS ES. Also true high-end balanced (and unbalanced) D/A conversion with Burr Brown PCM1716 24bit/96kHz converters.

5. Excellent video performance giving superb picture quality from high rated 10 bit video converter with 80 MHz video buffer.

6. True Audio / DVD dual laser drive (not DVD-ROM) designed for extra low noise emission and 2 second high speed anti scratch/shock function. Drive suplied by Philips.

7. Full, easy to use OSD with many options for video and audio settings. Choice of different OSD languages.

8. 8 mm thick extruded and anodized aluminum front. Direct button access to most common functions.

9. 1½ mm plated steel, anti vibration cabinet, specifically designed for low noise.

* May not read CD's from all CD burning programs.
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