Please help with some type of soundbar 2.1 building

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Hello, guys,

It's my first message here. Hope everything will be fine with rules.

So, i am planing build some type soundbar or just one active speaker with 2.1 board. Main using is additional sound component watch TV. Planning location is under couch. Wanna better sound and a bit bass. And i wanna add three speakers in one box it is good idea?

1 . Amplifier : TPA3116 2.1 Bluetooth 50W*2+100W Bass AUX. (ebay ~16USD)

2. 2x Speakers something like HERTZ DCX 100.3 (local eshop ~35 euro)

3. woofer: DIBEISI C5015 4Om 60Hz-8kHz 75Wmax 89dB 5 (low quality, but i can't find small size woofer in my country Lithuania. Price range until 20euro.)

4. power supply: Ultra Thin LED Power Supply 24v, 300w, 12.5A

5. audio input: USB Type A Female Module Board T18

Box about ~50cm long from oak. Sides with holes for AIR and ventilation. Thinking power supply do outside or inside? Amplifier inside.

What i am missing here? This is good idea put two full ranges speakers together in one box with woofer? Thank you very much. :firefite:
A few thoughts...

Speakers under furniture is a bad idea. Too much risk of them being damaged and they will likely be muffled by the cramped spaces and upholstery.

Oak is not the best wood for speakers. It has a sharp resonance that can be heard by rapping it with your knuckles... ask if you want to hear that along with your TV sound... MDF particle board is a better material as it is more acoustically inert.

For proper screen-spanning separation of stereo channels, the sound bar has to be at least as wide as your TV set and it should be right under the screen for proper stereo imaging. You will have more liberty with placing the sub-woofer, but the main speakers need to be under the screen.

The input will depend on what outputs your TV has... generally RCA works just fine with most TV/soundbar setups.
Thanks, for quick respond!

Okey, i don't do from oak...
I am wanna do under couch, because i don't any electrical supply in wall for this. I don't wanna any cables. And right now i don't have any furniture for it.... I am planning using Bluetooth connections.

So, idea about woofer and speakers in one place is good or not really?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.