Please Help - Where to sell vinatage??

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I hope im not braking any forum rules here!??! MODs - if i am please let me know protocol as apposed to just deleting.

Many on here will already know of my attack / brain damage - well another 2 weeks in hospital and another $$$$$$ in fees and i have to sell some kit.

All Vintage - German and Russian - All upgraded & refurbished. I am wanting to know the best sites / magazines / etc to quickly sell the following:

All are similarly upgraded so i wont repeat:

1 pair Theater speakers - full range - New Old Stock - Solid cast aluminum front panel - MODS, full internal bracing, S, F & B damping, LHW Damping, Black leather exterior, New bronze colored grill cloth, Integral Stands, Gold Plated Binding Posts, Ag plated OFC internal wiring.

2 pairs (home theater??)
OUTDOOR Theater Full Range Array - 6 4" drivers per array - New Old Stock - Solid cast aluminum front panel - solid welded steel cabinets - these are rain proof!
MODS - roughly same as above

1 pair Studio Monitor / very rich mans speakers???? 2 way, 6 1/2" woofer MASSIVE - I MEAN MAAAASSIVE MAGNETS - like 5.5" / 6" x 1.5" and 1.5" tweeter, Mahogany faced Birch ply cabinets. MODS - roughly same as above BUT I have put 40+ hours into wet sanding and re polishing the cabinets BECAUSE they are finished in AMBER varnish. This is amber boiled under pressure in linseed oil till it dissolves and then diluted with alcohol. It is the hardest and deepest gloss of any natural varnish. The finish on these is simply wonderful.


1 Pair Grundig Audiorama 4000 (sort of new old stock - installed in a trendy (and illegal) underground (both physically and metaphorically) Bar in Bulgarian city of Burgas called the "Villa Villa Coola". This was a bar for dissidents - it was raided regularly and everything seized, including (apparently) a piano of world importance - Tchaikovsky as a child or something. These were manufactures in 1971/2, the police seized them in 1972, I bought them at a Police Auction 2015. Rubber cone surrounds not foam. MODS - roughly same as above.

1 pair - Canton LE400 Studio Monitor Eddition - 3 way book shelf speakers. Finished (as they were originally) in flat black with white metal grills. I have no idea what differentiated the studio monitor from the normal edition, it may be lack of veneer? The horizontal mounting option? the metal grill? or it may be vastly superior drivers and crossover (the crossover is a) physically huge B) insanely complex

I am sorry for the long descriptions - these speakers are my babies that I have lovingly collected.

I would genuinly like help and advice on both where to sell them and what to ask for them; i need to sell them quickly - I have 30 days to pay a $10k hospital bill :-0 Ahhhhhh
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