Please help, unknown amp

Hi all, I have been gifted an old amplifier I know nothing about. All it has identifying it is, Wak power 700a. That's it.
Please help


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Clean it up, take off the covers, and post those pictures.
There were many small manufacturers all over the world using bought out parts, and making sound systems.
The name is not important.
The circuits are pretty generic, say 2N3055 run at x volts, made by unknown company.

Looks like an old PA / ship's unit, from late 70s / early 80s.
Or a unit used by performing bands.
It has LED meters, and says 1 & 2 instead of left and right.

May not be worth the restoration.
If it works, use it.
Otherwise, we are here....
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For schematics, compare to Crown, Peavey, BGW, HK amps of equivalent era. The type of output transistors if industry numbers will tell you from what era. Also the production dates on power transistors or large electrolytic caps. YYWW where YY is 2 digit year and WW is 2 digit week from 1 to 53.