please help me finish the subs for my 80s era Daybreaks

greetings all;
first post. please be gentle ;)
I have been lurking for a bit but unable to find a solution to my issue so here goes.
I discovered the concept of sound staging while visiting a buddy in the early 80s. I was floored. I was also hooked. what WERE these magical boxes I asked. my buddy says "oh... they're Daybreaks. I build the cabinets for the designer".
cool. I had been listening to mid-fi stuff my whole life so this was a revelation.
it took me a couple of years but ultimately I would build a system around these closely approximating the reference system the designer was using. BEL 2002 Spectral DMC-10 SOTA / Grace, etc.
unfortunately Mr. Designer was also Mr. Seriously-Lacking-in-Ethics. after paying for a set of speakers and waiting 3 - 4 months with nothing forthcoming by buddy went to Mr. Designers house and kidnapped the set I've been enjoying ever since.
time for subs, right ? well... after paying for complete assemblies I got as far as the cabs at which point my buddy was no longer able to do anything on my behalf. I won't bore you with the rest of the BS.
so... here we are. it's been 35 years and I'd still like to hear them. I'm reasonably handy and am confident I can cut the boxes, mount drivers and build crossovers (preferably from a layout) designing the crossover ? sorry... no clue where to start.
I've seen a pair 9" AUDAX woofers with Bextrene cones that look to fit the bill and don't break the bank. no model # given but described as "big magnets and cast plastic frames". I realize this technology is "somewhat" dated but my preference would be to keep with the existing driver complement.
input appreciated.


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apologies if my request was not clear and / or concise.
my sub-woofer cabinets appear in the lower half of the "stack" above. there is an identical stack for the left channel. at this point they are simply stands for the main boxes.
I am considering purchasing the 9" woofers as pictured in this post and need help designing crossovers along with anything else I need to consider in order to finish the subs.
the aforementioned woofers are marked MTX20X25TDSN but google turns up nothing re: specifications.


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The finish and shape reminded me of my Volkswoofer.

"Stacks" or whatever chosen name goes. Subs in bases can be somewhat limiting. Your more than less stuck with nodes that may be. Unless moving the entire system. That too is less than optimal. In the past owning sub bases they basically dictated where to set up. Somewhere I did not want.

Second free subwoofers offer better tunability.

The basket means the sub is well made. That cast aluminum was only on the higher tier stuff back then. If you chose you could still do better with current subs for not a ton of money.
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thanks Subuckethead :cool:
after a great deal more reading / research hopefully things are starting to come info focus.
my current thinking is as follows;
miniDSP 2 X 4
Dayton Audio APA150 (1 per channel)

I was just offered a great deal on a pair of Peerless XLS Series 10” Woofers but apparently they don't like a cabinet the size of mine (4 cubic ft.)
so maybe Dayton Audio RSS315HFA (or similar) or step up to 15s ?

a couple more notes;
my system is for music only (most styles)
the cabs are 3/4" throughout.

thanks again
I used to have a couple peerless xls. Those sound good in many applications.

I dropped in for finishes again. ill be using this often as needed for the simplicity and results of it.

I used water based black stains but its a two part system with shellac. I like results a lot but its limited. The home made black is oil friendly, wich suits me better.

That vaneer makes me think it would sponge it up quite well and get vg coverage.

I have to track down the source. A lady mixes 0000 steel wool with white vinagar. Her results are great. Im picky af with finishes and I welcome trying hers with open arms. If it works like her video shows it does ill use the heck out of it. I searched a bunch trying to find hers. Its nice and honest. Not only that hers works better than the bunches I had to wade through on youtube.

The vids found accidently are often the best ones.

Now I just have to find a cheap but easy white washing recipe. The whites look top notch on certain builds and finish jobs.

At a time I was mostly anti white. White SPEAKERS? But those have to be solid gloss or similar.

Yea those boxes should suck up the ebony method well. And look great Im going to predict. Then a simple clear of some kind. Highly thinned out. Aim for rustic, rustic-y???. Some kind of middle ground.