Please help indentify artist - male, sings in african, has french-sounding name

Hi all

A few months ago, at the local B&W showroom, I listened to something I liked very much, but wasn't glever enough to write it down.
All I can say about the song is that it was sung in African (I think) and the artist had a french sounding-name.
The song started with vocals only, and after a while just an atmospheric synthesizer background settled in. Needless to say, it was recorded in audiophile conditions. I liked it a lot and if I could identify it I'd surely buy that CD.
Maybe anyone can help?

Best regards,
phase_accurate said:
I am afraid that you'd have to go there again and ask once more since there is more than just one well recorded African CD available !!!


Well, maybe my posting was based on the idea that the more knowledgeable would name a few. Amazon has a preview feature for CD's, who knows, maybe I'm lucky...

jean-paul said:
Youssou N'Dour perhaps ?? He sings in African and French.
Youssou N'Dour would be the obvious choice but I think not. I would've remembered if it were so...

Thanks anyway.
You could try a visit to the site of FNAC in France:

I've got a collection of old and new "African" bands from revolutionaries as Fela Kuti, jazz musicians as Manu Dibango to contemporary musicians as Rai folk like Cheb Khaled.
I used to get a lot of the records at the FNAC shop in Paris(you know, the vinyl stuff)

in the Carribean you have a great many of musicians with French names that sing in "African" languages.
Such as the ones from the French Antilles like Guadeloupe and Martinique.
Famous bands were "Les Aiglons" and "Maxels 79"
You may find there are a zillion "African singers" who just love synthesizers.
A couple of weeks ago i had a talk with a woman from Nigeria, she agreed that the last decade has only produced "one time only" high flyer African musicians.