please Help,im gonna fail my sound test!

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Hi everyone im studying sound at school only ive been away for 3 months and they still expect me to sit the exam otherwise i fail the course (cue violin) anyway they gave me a copy of last years test but i have no idea about anything (im stupid)

i was wondering if anyone can answer any of these questions so i can study tonight and not fail. thanks alot (i know they probally seem heaps easy to you guys)

p.s the number at the end of each question is how many points its worth. thanks again. if anyone can help.

Sound Test (Last Years)

(Q1) draw a simple schematic diagram of a mixing console, from a microphone input through to the main stero output (3)

(Q2) you are setting up for a live to air production involving an on camera presentor who will be interviewing someone via satelite. list using the the correct terminology all of the mixer outputs and thier purpose required for this set up. (2)

(Q3) in a studio control room what is the name of the panel consisisting of row of sockets used to connect the inputs and outputs of various pieces of sound equipment? (1)

(Q4) for the panels of the type in the previous question, how could analogue and digital signals be kept seperate? (1)

(Q5) Why do anologue and digital signals need to be kept seperate as described in the previous question? (2)

(Q6) what does "normalled" mean? (1)

(Q7) How much (in DB) is the difference between mic an line level? if mic level is greater, show a plus sign; if it is less show a minus sign (1)

(Q8) channel 1 of your mixer has had a line level source connected to it. you now need to connect a studio condenser microphone to channel 1. there are at least 2 mixer settings you would need to check or change. what are they? (2)

(Q9) describe how you would set a safe and appropriate monitoring level for a studio mixer (2)

(Q10) name 2 common uses for auxillary send (2)

(Q11) explain the difference between pre and post sends (2)

(Q12) the videotape operator is playing bars and tone for you to check the level of a segment. your mixer has 2 different metrers, one labelled "VU" and the other with a number of LED bars, the highest labelled "0". when you have set the videotape level correctly, what do you expect to see on each metre? (2)

(Q13) Explain the difference between a mono and a stero signal source in a studio (2)

(Q14) what is the name of the variable control on a mixing console channel strip used to send a signal to either the left or the right output, or some combination of both? (1)

(Q15) What controls would you find on a typical parametric equaliser? (3)

(Q16) if a tv presenters voice contains alot of transients or peaks in level, it can be too dynamic for broadcast. what dynamic signal proccessing device could be used to control such a signal? (1)

(Q17) what controls would you typically find on the signal proccessing device you identified for the previos question? (2)

Some of these are pretty damn easy, even if you have been away for 3 months...

Google some of the key words in the questions to help...

I tell you what, I'll give you one to get you started ;)

(Q13) Explain the difference between a mono and a stero signal source in a studio (2)

Mono source is one mic, Stereo is two. Each needs the same amount of channels on a mixing board/console, as there is mics.
I'd say whomever gives you the answers would be in a vulnerable position. If you get good scores, there's really no credit. If you flunk, whomever answered would have a hard time explaining things.:D You really just have to study yourself. Sound System Engineering by Davis and Davis might be a good start.
It's no good if we just tell you the answers - you're supposed to learn this stuff. As has been pointed out, most of it is 'general knowledge' for anyone seriously interested in the subject :confused:
I don't mean to be negative, but perhaps you're on the wrong course.
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