Please help! I need to buy a measurement mic. Wich one is better?

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PLease help, everyone. I need to buy one of these mics. What do you say, wich is best. I have looked for reviews and comparison charts but found nothing that compares them directly. What should i look for? Wich is best:
1. Behringer ECM8000 - Thomann România :Behringer ECM8000 - Thomann România
2. Superlux ECM 888 B - Thomann România
Superlux ECM 888 B - Thomann România
3. Sonarworks XREF 20 Mic - Thomann România
Sonarworks XREF 20 Mic - Thomann România
I need to place an order fast so that they will come monday. I only need them to measure the rubans (high frequency speakers), and after that, i need to measure my 15 inch bass speakers with and without enclosures and then measure them with filters then pair them.
Any help is good here (software, hardware, measurement impressions). Please.
Thanks in advance
These all look like the same mic in different packages. Likely all with the same capsule. Do any come with a calibration file? That would be nice for the top end.

Yes, only the Sonarworks XREF 20 Mic. Please take a look at :
Trial kit: Reference 3 trial + XREF 20 Mic – Sonarworks worldwide store

I think they only differ at the mic capsule as the sonarworks is the most expensive mic spare capsule to buy from these three, the voltage power supply and soft (the sonarworks has a free trial kit) .

Look at this review:
"11 months ago
Dayton UMM6
I had this mic for about a year now (I used it to calibrate Higher end Car systems) and to be honest, this mic is not worth it... Even tho it's a lot cheaper than having a standard mic + phantom power/audio card, it is NOT flat enough to give you a decent calibration (even with the calibration file they provide). it will give you random peak and valleys...

I got a Behrigner mic with a M-Audio card and it is more than twice the price but I end up with happy customer and good sounding systems!!

✘ No, I do not recommend this product."

Another aspect is that here in Romania this Dayton is twice as expensive than the other three that i mentioned earlier.

Do you have one? All is ok with this product?
Thanks in advance

I bought one of the behringer microphones for essentially disposable use. It measured within two dB of flat. What it doesn't do well is have the same output level with changes in temperature.

I have a pistonphone, general radio + Bruel & Kjaer calibrators and bunches of externally polarized microphone capsules, preamps and power supplies. Even a test chamber. So we can do in house calibration.
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