Please help for philips CD104

I recently bought a CD104 cd player. It is excellent working. I have already did nos mod as well. But,
i noticed that, there are some repairments in circuits. I couldn't undertand why these repairments or mods have been done. Your any comments about them will be appreciated.
Thank you

Why is this cable soldered here???

I think one cap has been removed from here???

One resistor soldered here. What can be the reason???
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I don't know about the "repairments". But I suggest to replace the 4 jumpers on the old SAA7030 with four 100 ohm (maybe more) resistors. It's better to attenuate the I2S signals. It looks like an earlier 104 as it uses the ceramic TDA1540. If this is your main player, or if you use it a lot, I would replace ALL electrolitic caps. They're about 25 old. Too much.
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Yes, you are right electrolytic caps by the time drying. I removed 33 uf caps and mesured them. Generally they are not 33uf but 26-29uf now. I have already replaced all 33uf old electrolytic caps in digital card and in transport circuit with Sanyo Os-con caps. I replaced in main psu 2x1500uf caps with Elna simic-II and also ordered 1000uf elna cerafine and 2x3300uf black gates. I am really wondering the change in sound.


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
First picture and wire link. Remove it and measure the coil. Maybe someone shorted a rail out and caused the coil to go open circuit and couldn't be bothered replacing it.

3K3 resistor... Philips often did that kind of thing.
If you locate the areas on the circuit diagram and board layout and draw the resistor in and then post the picture here maybe we could determine why it's been added. Same for the removed "cap".
you need not only the service manual. Additional you need all Service Bulletins/Service Newsletters from Philips.
During production on most models in Eindhoven were repeatedly made additions and modifications.
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