Please help dcx2496 + S/PDIF

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Hi All

Time for another probably embarassing question.
I want to run the digital output off my CD player (RCA socket - s/pdif i think...?) into the digital input of my DCX 2496 . (XLR)
Is there any schematic wiring diagram that shows how to wire up an RCA connector to an XLR in this DIGITAL application??? as opposed to analog??
I get the impression it should be pretty easy and may not even require transformers etc.

Many thanks in advance

Well, there is 'works' and then there is 'works properly'. I hate to admit it, but right now I'm using a plain-vanilla rca-to-xlr cable, and it 'works' in the sense that it passes the signal.

The 'right' way to do it is to get
a) rca->bnc 75Ohm cable
b) 75-110 xformer

Markertek sells all this stuff, and there are doubtless other sources. This was my plan, right up until I got the wrong gender on the xformer. D'oh!
If you are brave, and up for an experiment, I would suggest ditching the XLR, as it "looks" terrible to a SPDIF signal. In which case, you would still use a decent transformer, or even a mediocre one, and just adjust the impedance to be 75 ohms. Pulse transformers that change impedance usually don't work very well.

There may be some threads in the digital forum the last month or so with some circuits that will work. If not, maybe I can scribble one down.

Someone on audiocircle pointed me towards another Behringer product that may do exactly what you want. They have a product called the ultramatch SRC2000 (and a newer version called the SRC2496) which will, among other things, convert from RCA or optical SPDIF to XLR AES/EBU.

I've ordered the SRC2496, but haven't received it yet. it looks like a pretty cool device -- sample rate conversion and jitter removal and it also works as a DAC and ADC, all for $129.

The SRC2000 is cheaper ($60-$70), but doesn't work as a DAC or ADC and only resamples to 32 or 44.1kHz.

Thanks for all the replies and wisdom.
The dcx spec say it will take spdif.. i ws hoping it could do so without major additional expense .
I beleive some may have just plugged it in - and it worked , my question was how did they wire up the plugs.
Mind you the SRC2496 looks interesting (but $ here)
Hi george a,

This might work. I am new to SPDIF, but to me it makes sense. I suppose you should do a conversion "as soon as possible" - close to the RCA connector, and feed the signal as balanced most of the run.

This might be wrong, Jocko, your opinion please...



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This is an elegant solution to what you need - Neutrik AES/EBU Digital audio transformer.
Here is the link:
Price goes from $ 30 to $50.
It does good job and it is very small. You could order it in various connector combinations, and you will need BNC to RCA adapter.
I have to say it is funny that this single transformer - adapter goes up to $ 50 and you could get Behringer SRC 2496 unit for $ 130. Behringer could serve you as a digital preamp, bit rate converter, digital distribution box...


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Try the resistor on the primary side. There is an alternate source for those transformers now..........Digi-key sells them.


No! In any case, I would use coax, instead of 110 ohm for the cable. The less XLR anything in the path the better.

Since the unit uses a Crystal RX, any of the many circuits floating around could be used. No reason to try to stick to high AES/EBU output level. So, treat it as a typical SPDIF stage.

The trick is to find a good one.

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audio-kraut said:
Some folks are apparently unable to read a manual; in the dcx manual behringer clearly shows how to make a plug converting from spdif rca to spdif xlr. And it even works that way - probably to the astonishment of those commentators here.
It does not need any additional converter units, just an rc, a xlr plug and some wire in between. Too easy for some?

I have the manual V 1.0 September 2002, but it is not in there. Unless I am completely blind...

Jan Didden
Thats why I cancelled my reply - it was described in the old ultracurve 8024 manual which I had owned for years and also in the src 2496 manual. Too many manuals in my case.
But a simple xlr to rca diy cable is sufficient in my exerience with both units. Connect pin 1&3 of the xlr to sleeve of the rca, and pin 2 of the xlr to the tip of the rca.
what one has to keep in mind - if you build your own converter cable, use a 75 ohm coax. I have tried a regular audio cable (canara l4e6s) which worked fine with my micromega cd player to the deq (i assume it also would have worked for the dcx) but did not transmit any signal from my philips 963. With a 75 ohm coax cable (RG 59) no problems at all.
So with the DCX is there any discernable improvement between a non-transformered spdfi input and one that has one and converts to aes????

Also I cannot find any mention of AEs or spdif input in the manual other than in the specifications!!- (selective blindness - I can't see dirty dishes in the kitchen sink either!)

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