Please Do Not Buy From VANTAGE AUDIO!


Bought two 301 pulleys, 60 Hz, for my Garrard 301. The shaft opening is too tight along the 45 rpm portion for both and virtually USELESS. Tried to get a refund for TWO months now!! The guy who was corresponding with me stop answering my e-mail since 2/19/2008.

Please Consider This As A Warning! My intent was to post this message on every forum I am a member to spread the message. It is the least I can do.




2006-09-30 5:45 am
If you are eventually stuck with a bad pulley. This method is only good for a few thousands of an inch, but it is probably all you will need to remove.

Find some fine emory cloth and roll it up so that it fits tightly into the bore of the pulley. Turn it by hand and check it very often. Only a few turns may give it the clearance you need.

Turn it and move it in and out , slowly and carefully.

Don't underestimate how quickly it will remove metal. Good Luck, Mark


2006-09-30 5:45 am
Yes, try that first. If a hair dryer won't do it, then get a heat gun. A torch will work, but there is the chance of warpage if experience is lacking.

It depends on how much the machining error is.

There is only a short time before it cools. If it has to be reheated after it is on the shaft then it will have to be heated more than before since the shaft will also be expanding.

If this is a situation where the pulley has to be aligned then expanding it with heat may not be practical.

One other thought. Keeping in mind that I don't know what the pulley looks like, could there be a ridge that can be cut away with a pocket knife?