Playstation one - question.


do you have a controller? The buttons for back/next/play... are at the front of the controller. When a CD is loaded the player must be reseted with the big button at the players top.

I have seen a high end (?) / high price version some minutes ago at ebay - horrible high price for this kind of ... - but a nice wood cabinet was included...



2005-01-26 11:21 pm
To play, skip etc. you have to connect the PS to a TV and do it via the on-sreen menu or you have to buy a remote control for the playstation 2 (DVD Playback) it fits the Playstation 1 - except the pause function is locatet on another button ("control" I think). In Germany remote controls for the PS2 cots about 10€.

The PS1 ist a really excellent CD-Player except for the noise that comes out of the little plastic enclosure sometimes. For that reason a better enclosure would be excellent.

My one has problems playing CDRs. Has anyone else problems like that? Is there a solution available?

the dac inside the playsation 1 is the Asahi Kasei "AK4309A". Nothing more than a little delta-sigma thing...

OK, the station plays music but personally i do prefer my Sony CDP557ES or my Marantz CD6000 Michael-Special...


for more information use google: playfidelity, Michael Methe - some german sites