Playstation 3 Modifications

Hiya, I know there are a few threads discussing this but they're pretty useless clocking in at around 254 pages long.

Are there any straightforward mods to be made to the Playstation 3 to improve the audio?

Ideally this thread will be a very much simplified version of other threads from people who've actually carried out the mods themselves (and noted their effect), or from people who know how to do such a thing.

I'm sure you all recognise that threads of this nature are to everyone's benefit.

Thanks folks, all the best.
nathanjh13; Good stuff, thanks. Much of a difference?

The PS3 either Fatt or Slim has no real DAC inside. Its all done with software gobbledygook inside the two processors so we don't know whats going on in there. I listened to the audio outs for 9 months or so from the PS3. Nothing bad in the sound, Quite good in fact. I then got the Big Dac as I said and it made a big difference. Sound fuller with less edge, very smooth but I listen with the PS3 outputting at 176,400 bit rate and the Big Dac upconverts it to 192,000 rate.

Mine's the fat version not the slim but still, I'll have a play around on those lines.

Should work the same as I believe the Fatt also has Toslink outputs.