Plate amp EQ adjustments?

Hi all,I have a plate amp like this - 350w RMS with remote control(from jaycar

Ive lost the site that showed which resistors to replace to remove or adjust the +6dB boost at ~35hz. :cannotbe:
I know its there somewhere but the tags must be bad as I still cant find it.

Yahoo searches,and forum searches reveal nothing!!!


The instructions there are for the version of the amp without the remote, or maybe the input module for the larger amp is just different. Either way, instead of changing R26 and R27, you change R23 and R24. You can still use the same resistor values to set the boost to 0, and add a little low frequency extension. In this case, R23=56K, and R24=180K. If you do not want any added low frequency extension, use R24=120K as stated in the Parts express PDF. The rest of the instructions should still apply, however I have not changed the crossover on my amp to a fixed crossover, but I imagine that it would work.

I don't know why the instructions tell you to place those 2 resistors on the back side of the PCB. It seems to me that if you put them on the side with everything else, it looks more professional and unmodified. Changing C1 to a high quality poly cap still applies to the larger 350W version of the amp. I didn't listen to my amp before I changed that cap to see what kind of difference it made, I just did it becaus it was easy and I had the proper cap lying around.