Plastic into Oil


2005-06-17 6:58 am
I don't think it's a good idea at all.

It's heating up, eventually boiling the plastic, then taking the oil from condensed vapor.

So, how much energy is used during the process? And how to get that energy? And, how is that 'recycled' oil put into real usage? Filling into cars, and driving those cars to add even more greenhouse gas? Or making more plastic?

Endless circles. Until when?

Stop crazily manufacturing, purchasing, dumping... etc., change all those bad habbits of wasting things might help, a little, maybe, before it's too late...

it´s time for people to wake up. So you don´t heat the whole house up to 100 in order to be able to be barefoot in the bathroom? Spend money on insulation that you get back by a lower electricity bill within two years? Avoid buying goods that are packed in six layers of plastic you´ll have to pay to get rid of?

:nownow:Bad boy. You rather spend your money on having fun than feeding companies who won´t even know you when you ask them for a job? Bad boy.

the only reason you can't burn plastics is due to all the other crap in the plastic to make it more like plastic....

aside from pvc, most plastics are 90% oil, or oil plus oxygen.. many can be burnt with an appropriate scrubber to trap the unburnt hydrocarbons and chlorine/bromine compounds. when you burn it hot enough there are no complex toxins left.