Plastic baffles?

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I'm looking to build a pair of open baffle speakers (Phoenix at and would like to use a 3/4" thick molded plastic instead of wood. I've seen speakers made of concrete, and saw a thread elsewhere on this forum where someone suggested using a light fixture... Does anyone see a problem with using molded plastic? Will it affect the sound of the speakers?

Any advice would be appreciated.



me too is deep into an open baffle project.
I am very curious about your success with the Linkwitz Phoenix.

Baffle construction: i got independent statements from two open baffle nuts who both said that baffle design and choice of materials has more sonic influence than the driver itself. But their speakers were big baffles equipped with fullrange drivers and both had no baffle EQ in use. Quite unlike the Phoenix.

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Plastic baffles

It's done quite often. Radio Shack LX-5 and a BandW speaker which I can't remember the model number for come to mind. I actullally think it might be the ideal material if done correctly. many driver baskets are now being made from plastic and speakers cones have been for about three decades now.

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You really are being general, their are a great variety of plastics available, each having it's own properties.

For your application, nylon or nylotron is probably desirable, as it has high internal dampoing properties. A material, such as plexiglass(acrylic) would not be so good, as it has much less internal damping.

Regardless, the thickness that you specify would have very high cost. MDF backed with damping sheets is probably the most cost effective solution, as well as bing MUCH easier to work with rather than using solvent glue to attch plastics.

Actually, if you really want to reduce resoances from the front baffle(transmitted from the driver frame), just isolate the mounting of the woofer from the front panel via damped thick materials. You will also have to somehow damp resoances transmitted by that rear frame that supports teh driver motors on the phoenix. Though not too complex, this will be laborous. If you want more specific details, just let me know.

Couple of years ago I built something similar.It was small baffle in dimensions something like .45m x .60m made of extruded HDPE(high density polyethilene) 25mm thick(1") and it was very heavy.I didn`t ever measure it`s freq response or any other parameter, but subjectively speaking sound was wonderful,absolutely neutral.
Avantgarde horns are made of ABS(Acrylnitril Butadien Styrol)...

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