Planning to Build Rod's P37 DoZ Pre, Transistor Help?


I've been planning on replacing the horrible, noisy, old rackmount preamp that I've been using in my system right now with something else. Being that this is my first DIY audio project, and that I want to use the same case (and keep it cheap and simple) I think I've decided that I'm going to make Rod's Project 37 DoZ preamp.

I've been able to find all the parts I will need (even the 16VAC wall wart) except the transistors. At MTM I can find the BD139 and BC549, but instead of the BC559, they suggest the NTE159. Is this a direct, drop in replacement? Or will I need to change some values here and there?

Or should I just use different ones alltogether? If so, what? And would that mean other changes? I'm sorry this has been such a long post, and I appreciate any help people are willing to give.