Planning a 2-way corner-box - looking for advice :)


2013-02-26 2:01 pm
Hi folks, I'm Peter, a new guy from germany and I am looking for some advice on my project.

I do have experience building a speaker - but none designing one, so I hope y'all can help me out some! :)

-Response: 50-15kHz
-some 95~100dBSPL
-reasonably flat (with room-eq [rectangular 6mx4mx2.40m])
-good dynamics

What I have: 2 EV EVM15L (reconed), a motu828mk2 and an Onkyo TXSV828THX (With an external decoder input)

The amplifier does like 90W RMS on 8 ohms for L,R and 50W RMS LSR,RSR; dampingfactor 70 according to the manual.

The idea is to switch to a plate amp later ... if possible.

What I want to do:
-Modify EVs TL-606 enclosure so it becomes a cornerbox.

-Volume: 3.2 cu.ft. or 85l - with Fb=55Hz (and with a step-down port-cover Fb=40Hz)

It currently looks like this:

EV states that you can get a 3dB down frequenzy at 42Hz by eq in stepdown configuration. I was thinking that maybe by placing it in a corner or making the baffle large enough i don't need to boost.

Obviously I the box is missing a tweeter currently - I'd like to put a CD Horn in there, something alike to EVs Sentry speakers maybe.

The cross-over needs to be somewhere below 1kHz so I'm thinking a 1" or 1,4" compression driver along with a fitting horn should do it.

Budget for the tweeters is like 200€ max per speaker.

I was looking at
- Faital Pro HF144
- Monacor MRH-142

but thats sorta pushing the budget a little ;)

Anyways, I'm looking forward to you ppls opinions and questions! :p

Greets, Peter.