Planing my DIY transport


to put an end to the endless search for a good CDP, I like to build a transport.
Base will be Philips CD960 because it uses CDM1 and is very fast finding tracks.

Design will be a toploader with lids sliding to the left and right to uncover CD.
The lids will be powerd by linear magnet actuators and sit on industrial linear ball bearing rails, all invisible both when lids are open and closed.

Display will be DLG7137 green alphanumeric:

TRACK 00 TIME 00m 00s

Here starts the problem, the segment drive signals have to be translated back to BCD code.

The CD960 measures not as good as other Philips players, hope this problem is not in the digital part...

Also I am not sure about the construction of the case.
Options are: fat aluminum bottom plate, steel bars like TEAC esoteric, sandwich steel-rubber(or other)-steel.

Also what is best ?, brass, copper or acrilic for a heavy base on which CDM1 will be mounted ?

Does a heavy puck any good ?

Any other suggestions ?