planing a new amp.


2005-07-08 4:14 pm
helo guys,

just finished my br100 lm3886 stereo amp last week. it sounds toooooo good.

thing is i was plannin to build a 5 channel amp using lm4780 or maybe lm4731.

i know the 4731 is low powered but its ok for me. i thinkin if i could bridge the two channels of lm4731 and use 5 brigded 4731's.

that would give me 50 watts per channel right?
or maybe 3 lm4731s', that is on for front left and right, other for rear channels. and one bridged lm4731 for the center.

will this power be enough to drive regular 8ohm speakers?

wut do u think about the lm4780 can the same thing be done with them.

i am not willing to invest much money in this.

if i use 5 4731's with a 20-0-20v around 150va transformer will it work?

or if u have any other suggestions about any other chips u tell me.

the thing is i dont want to spend much on the trafo. because as the va rating goes on increasing the trafos become really pricy.

please help. thank u
i am sr2002, i am writing on my friends id.

hey i have just designed a pcb layout for the 4731 amp. on express pcb. the thing is how do i get rid if that grid while printing?

because i am going to lazer print the layout and do toner transfer method to make the pcb.

or maybe is the any other software where i can import this file to get rid of the grid.