Plane took off from Warsaw

In this real incident, the Connie took off from Miami filled with Christmas trees (poles). None of the cargo was properly secured, and it shifted as the plane abruptly nosed up on take off. Hundreds of witnesses reported a severe nose up attitude and a very low left wing, indicating that several poles were indeed in the left side of the plane causing instability and loss of control leading to a fatal crash and four residential city blocks burnt beyond repair.

ASN Aircraft accident Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation N6917C Miami International Airport, FL (MIA)

My father was a air traffic controller at MIA at the time, but I learned more about this from a neighbor who wad a desk jockey at the Coast Guard station on Miami Beach. One of the people killed on the ground where the plane crashed was a USCG helicopter pilot. The investigation that ensued, and went on for over a year uncovered and unraveled some severe corruption, and even sabotage that was present among some of the air cargo operations in and around MIA. It seems that much of the documentation associated with this plane, it's crew, and the SOP of the cargo operations in general, was untrue, or nonexistent.
The joke was funny, the idiots that act it out in real life....not so much. This was just one in a long history of similar incidents at MIA.

I vaguely remember a DC-3 crashing into a warehouse full of paint on take off out of Miami killing several people. There have been several other incidents of haphazardly loaded cargo causing planes to crash on take off at MIA.

Fine Air Flight 101 - Wikipedia

Miami, FL Plane Crashes On Street, June 1969 | GenDisasters ... Genealogy in Tragedy, Disasters, Fires, Floods

The worst case Value Jet flight 592, where all 110 aboard were lost when the DC-9 hit the swamp at full speed in a near vertical dive. The cause was a box full of oxygen generators tossed randomly into the cargo hold of a large commercial jet. The generators were not properly secured to prevent accidental operation. One or more were rattled into operation releasing oxygen and heat in a cardboard box. The ensuing fire disabled the plane's electrical, hydraulic, and manual control systems resulting in loss of control.

The accident occurred a few miles west of my house. The area was deep swamp full of gators and mosquitoes such that recovery efforts were nearly impossible. Enough remains of people were found to identify less than half of the victims. A year long investigation of "criminal negligence" in the illegal storing and transportation of hazmat failed to bring any charges. Value Jet folded, reorganized, and resumed operations as Air Tran, which got eaten by Southwest in the airlines M/A game.

ValuJet Flight 592 - Wikipedia

My favorite was the Connie that fell out of the sky one night..... I worked the evening shift in a Motorola plant in 1973. I get in my car one afternoon, and as I am driving to work, and there is this large traffic jam in a sparsely populated area north west of Ft. Lauderdale. There is a Constellation airplane sitting in a field where it had skidded across a 4 lane road after all 4 engines had failed on take off from a small executive airport. The pilot had turned the plane around and was headed back towards the airport, but fell about 5 miles short. Despite knocking out power for a few miles, nobody was killed or seriously hurt. The plane sat there for months, until a crew began salvage operations, eventually cutting it up and hauling it all away. There is a strip mall there today. This was 1973 when everybody (including me) was building shagged out vans. Two of my friends got passenger seats from the Connie for their vans.

TAMARAC HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Events that shape city history (or, The Plane! The Plane!)

ASN Aircraft accident Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation N6202C Tamarac, FL

Note the Chevy Vega parked under the wing in the picture. That was the security guard...he was also the person to see if you wanted to buy some seats or other parts.
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Plane took off from Warsaw, there was a fire to the left of the flight path. All the passengers ran to the left side of the plane to look. The plane rolled over and crashed. The poles on the left hand side of the plane made the plane unstable.

(I don't know any other place where folks would get this joke.)
Passengers must use seat belts during takeoff. This story is a bit... hm... unrealistic.


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2015-12-31 4:57 pm
There was a cargo plane accident at BGY airport in 2016 that resulted in some funny pictures such as the one attached. No fatalities, minor injuries to the airplane crew but operations on the italian Ryanair hub had been disrupted most of the day and the 737-400 has been scrapped. The 2018 accident report stated that the crew lost location awareness and started the landing near the end of the runway on a rainy night at 4:00 AM. The plane obviously broke through the fence, lost both engines and the landing gear in a ditch, and stopped on the nearby road. No fire because DHL apparently does calculate very precisely the amount of fuel that is needed: fuel tanks at landing were almost empty.


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