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Planar in waveguides and 4" woofers for sale, new


This is from a little venture where i had to fire my business partner and this is some of the stock that is left over from that split.
The planar is a Radian Audio LT2 in the waveguide, 33 left at AUD $55ea
The woofer is also Radian but its only new so its not listed on their site yet $30ea. 33 left of those
I have a few demo boxs built also,
3 x singles with drivers $180ea
3 x dual with drivers $250ea

I dont get notifications that someone has contacted me so if i dont respond quickly, that is why.
Thank you

View attachment 4WF25-data sheet 051718.pdf
View attachment LT2-data sheet 060517.pdf

Photo 4-2-20, 4 53 55 pm.jpg
Photo 4-2-20, 4 48 50 pm.jpg