plan or kit for a 75 hz crossover


2013-10-08 12:26 pm
An active filter (before the amplifiers) would be the cheapest to implement. There are many kits on eBay and many circuits on the internet. You might have to adjust the values of the resistors to obtain a 75Hz cutoff. What have you found yourself?

At least the high pass filter can be implemented in the DSP of your Emerals Physics speakers.
Pity Largo isn't closer to Delray Beach. The DCX2496 is the great answer to a great many questions but a steep (and tall) learning curve. Pity. Just persevere. Some folks like the miniDSP family of gear.

Almost inconceivable to me today to think of any other way to connect a sub and tweak your system. For sure, four large copper coils resulting in a tepid crossover slope (and one that is likely to be too inaccurate to use) is a non-starter.

Today, my music comes out of a USB port. With the Behringer, you'd buy an inexpensive USB to AES (AKA SPDIF coax) converter plugged directly into the AES port (AKA the A input), thereby (1) keeping your signal on good quality digital pathways and (2) bypassing the analog input stage of the Behringer which some people criticize).

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