Plan for Scandinavian Audio Labs SAL 08C08

SAL Transmission Line


I am actually living 10 minutes from Frank, the inventor of the SAL driver.

However, I have not been in contact with him for a while. I seems the production has stopped ?

My plan was to build a prototype and the try to go commercial. I do not have the drivers, but I have heard them. They are really nice!

Do you have the drivers at hand ? If you want to build a pair of protoypes, let med know. There could be possibilites for co-operation

I have used days and hours to come up with af TL design, the SPL is enclosed.

I have simmed that 105 dB could be reached with less than 10 watt and within the limits of the driver - in theory :)

Looking forward to your comments.

Regards Bjørn


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