placing an amp/streamer right next to a switch/router

it's not happened yet, but due to a living room redesign, im going to have to move my audio gear (amp, streamer, turntable and phono) onto a cabinet that contains a router and a switch, they will be about a foot from each other.

Is this likely to cause interference/noise? And if so is there anything I can do about it?
If the router is wireless, yes, you well could have an interference problem, especially with a turntable.

There are a few steps you can take to mitigate the risk, somewhat...

Consider shutting down the WiFi and using only hard wired networking.

Relocate the wifi router at least 10 feet from your audio gear.

Run the ground cable from your turntable to your amp using the shortest wire you can manage.

Make sure all RCA cables are well shielded with the shield grounded at both ends. Curiously this rules out many of the so called "audiophile" cables that cost small fortunes. This is a situation where that $10.00 cable that came with your gear will easily outperform the more expensive cables from brand name suppliers.

Route your interconnects as far from the router and switch as reasonable in your situation.

Make sure all your power cords are well grounded through a power strip that is also well grounded to the wall outlet.