placement, setup, and room issues

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well, my room is unusual, its not square, room gain starts at 70hz ( i know this for a fact), and if you want bass fro a speaker, im sorry you need to be on the exact opposite side of the room (very impractical). Anyway im having problems in that my energy c-1s get very usable output at the low 40hz range, but i cant use it unless im sitting in my closet. Now i can fix some of this with HEAVY and i mean HEAVY EQing (8db at 32hz and 6db at 64 hz), but this robs me of power, isnt very practical, and in all honesty, stil doesnt sound as good as just sitting in my closet.

Ive tried speaker toe in reversing the phase etc, nothing has worked, so it must be the room somehow. again this when i am not using a sub, where i normally sit is close to the speakers (within 3 feet) and on the other side of the room from the sub, so i get fine bass from the sub, jsut not fro the speakers.

If i need to treat my room with bass traps, wall carpeting, no carpeting etc, please advise me how to do so.

Im sorry for posting here, i wasnt sure where this would go as i cannot determine the solution (system setup, acoustic treatment, placement), but i figured if i posted here it would get enough views to get me useful information, and was relevant to speakers) so mods please do not get angry!
I think i had something like this once. Does it change based on height? I had some ports firing directly into the corners of my room, and I could walk around and experience a 10+ db change in SPL at 40 to 100+ hz. Certain frequencies were worse than others- and the worst part was when I rearranged my room and the couch lost almost all bass. If I stood up, the bass came back! That was certainly a learning experience.

I think that what is going on has to do with cancellation from reflections, or some sort of room modes- maybe a combination. I would search the forums for room response if I were you, and maybe consider changing the vertical location of your ports/woofers.

Also, it makes me wonder what you mean when you say that "for a fact" you know that your room gain starts at 70 hz.
Killer nodes in that room. Do what Bill said. Move them around a bit if that doesnt work send me a message and a drawing or picture of your room. Ill tell you how to combo some traps and diffusers. IF the moving doesnt work because it impractical to go far with them. A couple degrees can change everything.
i mean that pressure vessel gain in my room starts at around 70hz, which is where i lack bass from ni my speakers, very unusual that the bass would ROLL OFF where it should get a bit of a hump.

Its not very practical to rearrange my room

thanks for the offer, ill draw something off in tech class, it would be nice if i could get your email, or if you have msn that is even better.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.