Pioneer TS-W304F - Best Enclosure (Newbie)


2002-05-02 10:45 pm
Hey, Hows it going.

I recently purchase a 12" Pioneer TS-W304F Sub and I'm still undecided on
wether or not to put it in a sealed or ported enclosure. I'm going to be
putting it in the boot (trunk) of my E36 BWM, so size may be a constraint.
These are the specs if they are at all helpful.

Revc: 3 ohms
Levc (mH): 0.927
FS: 32.3Hz
Qms: 7.903
Qes: 0.581
Qts: 0.541
Vas: 3.062 cu. ft. / 86.7 litres
Rms (N.S/m): 2.519
Mms (g): 97.95
Cms (m/N): 2.484 * 10 -4 (Scientific notation)
Diam: 9.9" / 251mm
BL (T.m): 10.222
Xmax 0.44" / 11.2mm

I'd appreciate any help you guys could give. I tend to be heading towards a
sealed enclose due to it's smaller space requirements but I'm willing to put
my proverbial on a chopping block that you guys know more.

Thanks Alot

Thomas Fowler
South Africa
[email protected]


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2001-09-18 2:33 am
Connecticut, The Nutmeg State
I wrote your numbers for the Pioneer into WinISD, which did not have them on the database.

Arbitrarily, I decided to give all boxes a volume of 2 cubic feet, for equal comparison puroses.

Red: Vented, tuned to 28 Hz. A lttle hump, but still a good response. Improvement over sealed.

Blue: Sealed, with a volume of 2 cubic feet.

Brown. Bandpass with the following parameters.

Front chamber, (in front of woofer): .9 cu ft.

Rear chamber: 1.1 cu ft-no vent in rear chamber

Tuning: 52 Hz. A 3" diameter port, 8.5" long.

The bandpass is a little less output over 45 Hz, but some people just have to have substantial output down to 30 Hz.

Anyway, the choice is yours.

Of course, the box does not have to be 2 cu ft. Let me know what you are thinking size-wise. I just wanted to illustrate that a 2 cu ft box has 3 usable possibilites.


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