Pioneer SX-525


2020-01-08 6:31 pm
hello friends, I just finished repairing a Kenwood stereo receiver with help from a very knowledgable and helpful diyaudioer. I have now moved on to another project, a Pioneer SX-525. the problem here is I have no output on either channel. My first check was the powersupply I have all my voltages on the P/S. B1 is measuring 49.6V
B2 is 25.5V
B3 is 12V

I have also checked the voltages on the main amp board:
I have my 50V on pins 5 and 6 and also 50V on pin 17. what would you recommend for my next step...schematic shows no voltages on out put tranistors other than collector voltages on Q2 and Q3. could you please help? Thanks!:confused::confused::confused:
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