Pioneer SX-1980 regulator

I am in the process of repairing a SX-1980 regulator board. It is well cooked, especially the pass transistors. The -80v had been previously been repaired and still working. The +80v is open and it too, had been previously repaired.

I read some older posts by EchoWars and the nightmares he encountered repairing a SX-1980. Question to him or others, with the knowledge and hindsight you gained by working on this beast, would you replace the existing semis or redesign the regulator board to work with newer and higher voltage components? The original pass transistors are rated at 60 or 80 volts and that seems like a problem waiting to happen with an input of over 100 volts.

Regardless of what path I chose, I plan to replace most of the electrolytics with higher voltage and hi-temp units. I am also thinking about installing a small 3cm fan to help dissipate the heat on this board. (unless someones thinks that's a bad idea.) Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.