Pioneer RT-707

I just recently received a working Pioneer RT-707 reel-to-reel for free :D , but have a small problem... I also got some tapes for free. They are Ampex 1800 Grand Master tapes still in the wrapper, but could be somewhat old. Anyway, my problem is that when I play/record these tapes, gunk starts to build up on the heads. I clean them off, records and plays fine until the gunk builds up again after about 20 seconds. I assume it's just the tapes I'm running, but what to be sure it couldn't be something else. Could it be?
shedding tapes

Unfortunately.. most of the AMPEX tapes from the late 70's thru early 90's had unstable binder systems. (I've got several that truly gunk up my 2 X200R's if I try to use them).. Best to trow them out... baking is only a temporary fix to retrieve old recorded material... they revert to shedding within weeks. Make for great squealing scrape-flutter as well. My decks will literally freeze up within minutes if I try to use them. Maxells, TDK, 3M's never do this.

So much for the great Ampex tape legacy (long gone by then, tho...)



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