Pioneer HPM-150 opinions? Pair for sale locally.

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2012-02-10 12:12 pm
Depending on the condition of cone surrounds and the overall looks
and mechanical integrity, I would offer no more than US$ 150.

The seller says power is 250, and the sticker says maximum input power
of 250 W, and you don't know how many seconds would it dissipate
such heat, in a new condition. Rated input power is a lot less. So, don't
count on these being a party speakers. Your money, your concern.:house:
Had a chat with the seller, nice bloke. According to him one woofer is showing signs that it may need re-foaming (not a huge job) but are otherwise in great condition and have seen little use.

I'll go for a listen tomorrow.

Anyone who's heard these or similar I'd love to hear your opinions.
From what I've read these are a very well designed speaker the brainchild of a highly regarded ex JBL guy.