Pioneer GM-H200 woes

Hey all - got a gm-h200 no output. Final turn on relay not switching. I cant remember (I've had this on a coup[le others in the past) I'm not an idiot-but prior to no output, it would hiccup like it was going into thermal - soooo I checked for cold solder, etc. re-soldered bunch of stuff. Now no final relay turn on - fan runs, etc- no output and no magical relay "click"
Help ??
Check if power light is ON, check the input selector that is correct for your cable,
check the drive mode switch.

There is a lot of cabling to check,

Check cabling for power - there is a low tension side
to connect first comprised of a Yellow and Black cable connected to the vehicles
light circuit for illumination of controls there is a red and black wire connected
to the ignition switch.

For the high tension two Black cables connect to vehicle chassis - closer to battery
is better, and two red cables to battery positive - all have fuses, that should be checked

Download a manual here:
Pioneer Stereo Amplifier GM-H200 PDF User's Manual Download & Preview

Cheers / Chris
Perry, Thanks for the help on this==
Alll voltages DC input voltage from PS=13.3vdc

1=0.0 2=0.0
3=11.4 4=0.114
5=0.65 6=0.0
7=6.83 8=0.0
9=0.055 10=13.2
11=0.05 12=13.2
13=13.25 14=12.8
15=0.0 16=0.0

this is where I start to become not as educated as I'd like to be == according to the schematic I have, it looks like I have some eroneous voltages as well as some incorrect voltages ? Thanks again- BTW your website rocks

Unfortunately the only test equipment I own is a very nice multimeter - and a tone generator on my laptop

I look forward to your response, and (hopefully)extended help, Dave