Pioneer DEH-X6810-BT anyone running one?

Just picked one of these up as it offered slightly lower EQ points than older Pioneer, -12 and -24 slopes for high and lowpass filters, plus 160 hz, and 200 hz as options for the low and highpass whereas older units stopped at 125 hz. Only downsides to unit is this mixtrack garbage littering the settings as everyone apparently wants to be a DJ now, only 2 pre-outs, and may or may not have HD radio.

Anyways, Pioneer has had sound retriever to "richen" compressed audio files for years, and you can apply it to CD, USB, etc. For whatever reason, I can NOT get it to work for CDs. Manual states it should work for them. Tried various band CDs as well as few I burnt myself years ago. If CD is in the player, and you cycle through sources, the sound retriever light will come on if you stop on CD, then goes out. "Function" is NOT appearing in the menu settings either, which is odd. If I switch to a USB stick with music, sound retriever light comes on and "Function" appears in the menu, and the sound retriever option appears....

Anyone else experiencing this? Dunno if it has defective software or something is mechanically wrong. Not sure if it's a big enough deal to return it as it sounds REALLY good with all external amplifiers running off of it. The cross-over points are great, the higher 200 hz low-pass limit makes drum kicks tighter and higher, it has plenty of cool custom colors. Very nice unit otherwise and Walmart (of all places) is selling them almost $50 cheaper than elsewhere.
It appears to be a bug with my actual unit, or possibly the actual model as the ones set up for display demos allow the sound retriever to be set even when a CD isn't in the unit, which is odd.

Oh well, this has to be one of the best sounding Pioneer pre-amp units I've ever run (only using pre-outs). Running Crossfire VR302 and VR402 to power a bunch of cabin speakers plus my sub amp, it's rivaling my home gear.

If you are looking for a really nice sounding head unit to run amplifiers, really can't beat this unit.