Pioneer A-616 worth restoring?

Hi all. I recently bought a Pioneer A-616 "Reference Series" amp. It works well with tone bypassed, but has a fault in the tone section as there is severe distortion when it is engaged - probably just the opamp in that section.
Anyway it sounds good this amp! It really blew my Arcam Alpha 8r out of the water. Not much onto on the net about this model but it has good specs. It is however 30 yrs old, and I'd like to know if anyone respects these amps and whether it would be worthwhile re-capping and/or replacing other components?
Alternatively would it be wiser to invest in a another model?
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It has to be worth fixing, that's for sure :)

I used to have a Pioneer A80 and which I used for many years. What can I say... they are very good amps on the whole.

Whether it needs a recap really depends on the type of life it has had. I'd just fix the obvious fault for starters and then take it from there.
Just got one for refurb, needs a bit of a clean first! Have you ever seen a dirtier interior!


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On TV's yes and far far worse than that but for an audio item that one is pretty furry.

That would be great to dunk in hot soapy water, its so satisfying to bring a board (and chassis) up to as new condition from being like that.